Common ultrasonic welding machine power amplifier board maintenance

Update:29 Jan 2018

Ultrasonic welding machine power amplifier board is easily damaged one of the devices, when the ultrasonic welding machine is not vibrating first determine whether the power board is damaged, repair judgments as follows:
1. Overhaul of the crystal plate required tools include: with diode measurement digital multimeter, electric iron, pliers, M3 wrenches or small open-end wrenches and cross screwdriver.
2. The power board should first be removed from the machine. NOTICE When removing the power board, make sure that the power is off and completely discharged to avoid the risk of electric shock.
3. Tune the multimeter function selector switch to the diode measurement function and insert the test leads into the multimeter.
4. Measure the two sets of triodes of the power board respectively, if the value is normal between 0.35 and 0.55, but lower than 0.3 is damaged.
5. You can use a soldering iron to solder a pin to a damaged set of resistors.
6. Using a multimeter to measure the value of each transistor,
7. Measure the white resistance and green resistance are normal. Note that the white resistance is generally 0.5 ohms, while the small resistance is generally 0.22 ohms.
8. Remove the damaged transistor and replace the new transistor. After the measurement is confirmed, solder the resistance back to the circuit board.
9. Measure the number of two transistors again, and confirm that the device is ready.