Discussion on the Use of Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Update:12 Sep 2017

   Ultrasonic welding machine is often we will come into contact with the welding machinery and equipment, when it comes to ultrasonic welding machine, I believe we all have their own views, after all, we use the ultrasonic welding machine production of different products, different products on the ultrasonic welding machine production Requirements are not the same, the following to bring you the use of ultrasonic welding machine related matters, hope that through today's introduction, we can use these ultrasonic welding machine.
   Ultrasonic plastic welding machine output power by the size of the piezoelectric ceramic plate diameter and thickness, raw materials, a high degree of process to determine, but the ultrasonic transducer stereotypes of the maximum power will be shaped to measure the size of the output energy is a complex over, not The greater the ultrasonic transducer. Circuit using ultrasonic power tube more output energy to the more appropriate it needs the complex amplitude measuring instrument to accurately measure its amplitude. How much output power vibration frequency, amplitude scale according to the workpiece material, wire area, the workpiece can have electronic components, whether to airtight and so on because of thinking, mistakenly believe that the greater the power the better. This is also a misunderstanding. Ultrasonic welding should have the appropriate hot melt time and sufficient cooling time. When the thermal power is constant, the time is not enough Weld, too long will cause the weldment deformation, slag overflow, and sometimes in the non-welded parts of the hot spot. Ultrasonic hot melt time and thermal power to adjust the adjustment will be the most appropriate melting, to ensure adequate intermolecular fusion, eliminate the phenomenon of Weld. The welding quality has a certain shadow, should pay attention.
   Through the above description, we can see the actual use of ultrasonic welding machine in the process, will encounter a lot of problems, affecting the quality of our product welding, so we buy  ultrasonic welding machine, it is necessary to understand it under Related to the use of precautions, the correct use of these ultrasonic welding machine, so as to play the best use of ultrasonic welding machine effect, improve the quality of our products welding.