Essentials of ultrasonic welding machine

Update:10 Oct 2017

   Preparation before use:
   (1) when the ultrasonic welding machine is shipped, the packing is removed, and the traces of the controller, indicator and surface are checked to check whether there is looseness or not.
   (2) the welding machine should be placed on a strong surface, requiring the welder to keep the heat away from the heat source at least 0.2 meters, and to ensure that the top of the casing is free of obstruction so that the welding machine can make the gas discharge unimpeded.
   (3) check the voltage requirements of the sign on the back of the control box, and make sure the system is in good condition.
   (4)connect the power source and air source of the machine, and pay attention to disconnect the power switch first (OFF).
   (5) air pipeline connected to clean and not lubricant containing compressed air source, the maximum pressure is 0.7 MPa.
   (6) drop the speed controller to a lower position and put the pressure regulator at 0.2 mpa.
   (7) loosen the frame, lock the handle and rise to a certain height (depending on the mold).
   (8) loosen the inching lifting adjusting screw to the minimum.
   (9) put on the mold (HORN), then tighten, press the down switch to lower the die.
   (10) place the bottom mold and the welding articles.
   (11) turn the lifting handwheel, contact the welding things, then press the switch to raise the upper die, then turn the lifting handwheel, then drop 1 ~ 2mm, then lock the handle.
   (12) press the up switch, and then go down 1~2 times, make sure that the die is accurate, then return the die.
   (13) under the fixed mode, let the body to suppress the die after locking, avoid setting offset.
   (14) after the lower die is fixed, press the switch to separate the upper and lower moulds.
   (15) if the upper and lower die is not parallel, it can adjust the work platen (the general work platen has been adjusted at the factory, no special circumstances, not adjusted).
   Adjustment method: first loosen the four work table locking screws, adjust the following four knurling lifting nut, until the upper and lower die parallel, and finally tighten the four locking screws.