How to choose ultrasonic welding machine

Update:02 Jan 2018

Ultrasonic welding machine to the present, is varied. Consumers face so many styles and brands of welding machine, in the end how to buy it?
First, the choice of ultrasonic welding machine output power:
The size of the ultrasonic output power, the same with the diameter and thickness of the piezoelectric ceramic, material, design process decision, once the transducer stereotypes, the maximum power will shape. Measuring the size of the output energy is a complex process. Not the larger the transducer, the more power tubes are used in the circuit and the larger the output energy is. It requires a rather complicated amplitude measuring instrument to accurately measure its amplitude.

Second, the ultrasonic welding machine welding workpiece material requirements:
Ultrasonic welding machine to weld the workpiece material is required, not all of the material can be welded, some people think that any material can be welded, this understanding is wrong. Some of the different materials can be very good direct welding,Some are basic phase melting, some are not fused.The melting points of the same material are the same, but the principle is that they can be welded, but when the melting point of the workpiece to be welded is more than 350 ℃, it is no longer suitable for ultrasonic welding. Because ultrasound is a moment to melt the workpiece molecules, based on the judgment is within 3 seconds, can not be good welding, it should choose other welding processes. Such as hot plate welding. ABS material is generally the most easy to weld, nylon is the most difficult welding.