The scope of use of phacoemulsification

Update:24 Feb 2018

Phacoemulsification has been used in many fields and plays a unique role in various fields.
Phacoemulsification has been industrialized many applications, ultrasonic emulsification is the earliest ultrasonic technology for food processing. Such as soft drinks, ketchup, mayonnaise, jam, artificial milk Shantou, baby food, chocolate, salad oil, ointment and other mixed foods used in the food industry, both at home and abroad have been tested and adopted and have been improved Product quality and efficiency of production, and water-based carotene emulsification has been successfully tested and used in the production.
Using ultrasonic dispersion combined with autoclaving physical modification of the banana peel pre-treatment, and then enzymatic hydrolysis of banana peel with amylase. The effects of the pretreatment method on the extraction rate of soluble dietary fiber in banana peel and the physico-chemical properties of banana peel insoluble dietary fiber were studied by single factor test. The results showed that ultrasonic dispersion combined with autoclaving treatment was simpler than that without pretreatment Insoluble dietary fiber obtained by enzymatic treatment increased water holding capacity by 5.05g / g, increased water binding capacity by 4.66g / g, increased oil holding capacity by 4.60g / g and increased swelling capacity by 0.4mL / g.