Ultrasonic cutting principle

Update:24 Oct 2017

   Ultrasonic technology for cutting, through the ultrasonic vibrator to produce vibration (let the electrical energy into mechanical energy), through the HORN (welding head) to transfer heat, through the wheel (cutter) rotating extrusion, you can get the ultrasonic processing required effect.
   Through the role of ultrasonic waves so that the grinding wheel blade in the radial direction of the moment of the telescopic vibration, can be in a very short period of time, so that between the abrasive and processed objects in the high acceleration state of repeated collision. As a result, the processing load of the grinding wheel blade can be drastically reduced while the surface of the workpiece is produced with a small crushing layer. In addition, due to the vibration of the ultrasonic wave, the gap between the grinding wheel blade and the workpiece is greatly improved, and the cooling effect of the abrasive grains is greatly improved, and the processing of the processed product can be improved by preventing the occurrence of abrasive particles passivation and stomatal clogging quality, and extend the life of the grinding wheel blade.