Ultrasonic welding machine in the use of the process need to pay attention to what

Update:05 Sep 2017

   It is well known that welding equipment is a very common mechanical equipment in industrial production. Its appearance greatly reduces the inconvenience of welding equipment. Ultrasonic welding machine a wide range for each enterprise to provide the most professional welding technology. The advent of ultrasonic welding technology means that welding has moved to a new chapter. But we have to install the ultrasonic welding machine in the process to pay attention to some problems, to solve these problems in order to make the equipment better work, then we have to look at the following bar.
1. Ultrasonic joint area to meet certain requirements When the ultrasonic instantaneous energy, the greater the area of welding seam, the more serious energy dispersion, the worse the ultrasonic welding effect, or even unable to ultrasonic welding. Another ultrasound is the longitudinal wave, the energy loss is proportional to the distance, long-distance ultrasonic welding should be controlled within 6 cm. Ultrasonic welding line should be controlled between 30 ---- 80 silk is appropriate, the workpiece arm thickness can not be less than 2 mm, or can not be good welding, especially the requirements of airtight products.
2. Ultrasonic heat resistance to achieve the melting point of the workpiece Ultrasonic transducer to convert electrical energy into mechanical, through the workpiece material molecules conductance, ultrasonic sound waves in the solid conduction impedance is much smaller than the acoustic resistance in the air, when the ultrasonic welding through When the workpiece is seams, the acoustic resistance in the gap is large and the heat generated is quite large. The temperature first reaches the melting point of the workpiece, plus a certain amount of pressure to make the seam welded.