Ultrasonic welding machine maintenance of the ten points

Update:29 Aug 2017

   Today to share the ten ultrasonic welding machine maintenance tips, see the following:
   Ultrasonic welding machine in the power (power), can not be put into use immediately. Wait two minutes before testing the ultrasound normal, and then put into use.
   Ultrasonic welding head (upper mold) can not be tested by the test, do not continue to use it! Otherwise, burn the amplifier and other valuable components!
   Ensure that the compressed gas is provided with dry and clean, regular inspection Ultrasonic welding machine inside the filter is clean inside (if oil, please wash). Before replacing the ultrasonic welding head (upper mold), check whether there is an oxide (usually black or white matter) in the connection position. If yes, please wipe it with 800 (or finer) sandpaper and wipe it with alcohol. Can be installed; to install the assembly can not be loose at the slightest loose.
   Protection provided by the compressed gas dry and clean, regular inspection Ultrasonic welding machine back inside the filter is clean (if oil, please wash)
   Ultrasonic welding head (on the mold) can be tested by ultrasound, but in the use of heat between them, no matter how busy to stop using, until the natural conditions to continue to use after cooling; half an hour to two hours of fever must be Replace it.
   Non-special structure (material) of the plastic parts, please "delay time" adjusted to the ultrasonic welding head (upper mold) contact plastic parts before the moment began to issue ultrasound. [If only the reaction force to trigger the ultrasound system, please switch the switch to the minimum power trigger point.
   The use of the power supply range should be within the range of 5V change of 220VAC, and it is necessary to use the power supply of the ultrasonic welding machine shell metal part of the ground wire (usually double grounding).
   If you hear abnormal sound, please stop working, check the ultrasonic welding head (upper mold) Amplifier transducer whether there is a crack or whether the good contact between each other, if the crack must be replaced; if loose, please its relative Tighten.
   When the frequency is adjusted, do not hold the test ultrasonic button while adjusting the frequency knob while adjusting the frequency.
   Each ultrasonic welding head (upper mold) should be adjusted before the use of frequency, as long as I made the mold between the replacement is no longer need to adjust the frequency by one, just adjust the first time the mold frequency. Ultrasonic on the mold by adjusting the frequency and determine the use of the subsequent process, is strictly prohibited for frequency adjustment.