Ultrasonic welding machine welding function

Update:06 Nov 2017

 Ultrasonic welding: Ultrasonic high frequency vibration of the horn (HORN), under moderate pressure so that the two plastic joints produce friction heat and instantaneous fusion bonding, and can be completely watertight and airtight effect.

Ultrasonic Riveting: Ultrasonic high-frequency welding head (HORN) pressing the protruding plastic tip, so that instant heat melts into a rivet shape, the metal object is riveted and fixed.

Ultrasonic Implantation: Ultrasonic ultra-high frequency sonic vibration, by the welding head (HORN) conduction and the appropriate pressure, instantly metal parts (such as nuts, screws) into the reserved plastic hole, and fixed Set the depth. After completion, regardless of tension, torque can be comparable to the traditional molding strength in the mold, and injection can be damaged and slow injection of the shortcomings.

Ultrasonic spot welding: Two pieces of plastic to be welded, due to limited welding conditions, can not be opened fuse, spot welding can be used, the principle is the use of ultrasonic conduction to the front of the welding head, from the upper plate to the lower plate, and Achieve the effect of welding, and dozens of simultaneous spot welding to improve work efficiency.

Ultrasonic removal: ultrasonic horn high-speed welding head excision injection molding sharp edge of the flash, and excision injection port, so that the plastic pieces in the moment out of the injection channel, not only eliminates the need for manual excision, leaving the plastic parts Smooth and beautiful. Suitable for ultrasonic cutting material ABS, PS, acrylic, PC, steel, such as too soft or flexible plastic is not suitable for ultrasonic resection. (Plastic material just shot out before the cooling effect is not good)

Ultrasonic forming: similar to ultrasonic riveting. The concave welding head is pressed on the outer ring of the plastic product to make the high-frequency vibration melt the plastic and cover the metal object so as to be fixed, the appearance is smooth and beautiful, and the utility model is mainly used for the fixed shaping of the electronic type and loudspeaker, And cosmetics category such as lens fixation.