Ultrasonic welding machine will encounter problems

Update:23 Aug 2017

  Speaking of ultrasonic welding machine, it is not strange to us, because we are all around you can see the figure of the ultrasonic welding machine, ultrasonic welding machine play in our side effect is very big. But we are in the time of production, may encounter some problems in welding, these problems will lead to shortening the life of welding machine, can also damage our machines, to face these problems, we should first understand it, let us see what we encounter a problem when the use of ultrasonic welding machine.
   When the welding machine in ultrasonic welding, there will be some restrictions on the temperature, we require the tin bath temperature should be high, the tin bath requirement is very high, we require in the heating time, the contact time can not speak of tin bath and workpiece is too long. After the wave peak, the cooling air flow angle is not correct. It can not be blown towards the tin groove. It will cause the tin point to be rapid. The excess solder can not be pulled back by the gravity and cohesive force. The soldering temperature is not enough, and the solder joints can not be immediately retracted due to the cohesive force. Instead, the larger watt number iron is used to lengthen the preheating time of the soldering iron in the welded object. Solder mask on leave residual tin substrate when making residual flux can not be compatible with some substances in overheating, after Nuan produce viscous adhesive to form solder tin wire, vinyl chloride with acetone, solvent cleaning, after cleaning, if did not improve, it may be substrate material layer right.