Ultrasound Processor Cell Crushing Working Principles

Update:14 Jun 2018

Ultrasound Processor Cell Crushing Working Principles

Ultrasound is an elastic mechanical wave in the material medium. It is a fluctuating form, so it can be used to detect the physiological and pathological information of the human body. At the same time, it is also an energy form. When reaching a certain dose of Ultrasonic Plastic Welder
  ultrasound in the body, through the interaction between them. Ultrasound is an elastic mechanical wave in the material medium, it is a fluctuating form, so it
It can be used to detect the physiological and pathological information of the human body and diagnose ultrasound.

    The effects of ultrasound on cells mainly include thermal effects, cavitation effects and mechanical effects. The thermal effect is that when ultrasound propagates in the medium, the frictional force hinders the molecular vibration caused by ultrasound and converts part of the energy into local hyperthermia (42-43°C), because the critical lethal temperature of normal tissue is 45.7°C, and the tumor tissue ratio The sensitivity of normal tissue is high, so the metabolism of tumor cells is disturbed at this temperature, and the synthesis of DNA, RNA, and protein is affected, so that the cancer cells are killed and the normal tissues are not affected. The cavitation effect is the formation of a vacuole in the body under ultrasound irradiation, and mechanical shear pressure and turbulence are generated along with the cavitation vibration and its violent implosion, so that the tumor bleeds and the tissue disintegrates to cause necrosis. In addition, when the cavitation bubble breaks, instantaneous high temperature (about 5000°C) and high pressure (up to 500×104Pa) are generated, which can cause the thermal dissociation of water vapor to produce .OH radicals and .H atoms, which are caused by .OH radicals and .H. Atom-induced redox reactions can lead to polymer degradation, enzyme inactivation, lipid peroxidation and cell killing. The mechanical effect is the primary effect of ultrasound. During the propagation of ultrasonic waves, the media particles alternately compress and extend to form a pressure change, causing damage to the cell structure. The strength of the killing effect is closely related to the frequency and intensity of ultrasound.

    The principle of the ultrasonic cell disruptor is not too mysterious and complicated. Simply put, the electrical energy is converted into sound energy by a transducer. This energy is turned into a dense small bubble by a liquid medium (such as water). These small bubbles burst quickly, generating the energy like a bomblet, and thus To the role of broken cells and other substances (commonly known as "cavitation effect").

    The Ultrasonic Cell Shredder is a versatile, Ultrasonic Food Cutter multi-purpose instrument that uses a type of ultrasonic wave to create a cavitation effect in liquids; it can be used to break up various animal and plant cells, virus cells, bacteria, and tissues, as well as various types of inorganic materials. The reorganization of the material can also be used for emulsification, separation, homogenization, extraction, defoaming, cleaning and acceleration of chemical reactions. Ultrasonic cell shredder has a wide range of uses