Welding method of ultrasonic welding machine

Update:12 Mar 2018

1, Welding method: ultrasonic vibration welding with ultrasonic transmission to the welding parts, weldment because of two acoustic resistance at large and therefore produce local high temperature melting piece interface. Under certain pressure, the two weldments can achieve a beautiful, fast and strong bonding effect.
2. Embedding (insert) method: the nut or other metal would like to insert the plastic workpiece. First, the ultrasonic wave is passed to the metal, and the metal is directly embedded in the molded plastic, and the plastic is melted at the same time.
3, Riveting method: to weld metal and plastic or two different properties of plastics, ultrasonic riveting can be used to make the weldments hard to embrittlement, beautiful and strong.
4, Welding method using small welding head will be two large plastic point welding, or welding the first row of dentate direct pressure on the two plastic parts, so as to achieve the effect of spot welding.
5, Molding method: the use of ultrasonic plastic workpiece instant melting molding, when the plastic solidification can make metal or other material solid plastic.
6, Removal method: using the specially designed way of the welding head and the base, when the plastic piece just fired, direct pressure on the plastic branches, to remove the effect of the ultrasonic transmission.