What are the advantages of ultrasonic slitter analysis?

Update:02 Apr 2018

What are the advantages of ultrasonic slitter analysis?With a unique overall machine design, simple structure, advanced and reasonable, durable, and suitable for 1.8m ~ 4m width of the slitter; winding independent arm without shaft center winding method, and configure the independent touch roller

Suitable for large diameter, high speed slitting, maximum speed up to 600m/min, stable operation, safe and reliable; well-configured hardware, brand-name products using the latest technology from the world, driving and control using advanced numerical control technology, touch screen operation, to achieve High-precision, high-reliability requires advanced tension control methods and functions, so that the tension control accuracy is high, adjustable range, and to achieve an independent control of each winding motor and contact roller to ensure the quality of finished products; unique design。Click here for more infro : http://www.dowellsonic.com/

Ensure that the machine is easy and quick to operate, and has good adaptability to raw materials. It is suitable for cutting BOPP, BOPET, BOPS, BOPA, CPP, PE, PVC and composite membranes, metallized membranes, etc.

With multi-axis multi-knife design, multiple sizes can be cut at the same time. The roll film clamping positioning adopts the air expansion shaft, and the force balance is uniform and does not deform. Tension control (optional) uses magnetic powder brake plus tension controller for precise control.

Ultrasonic slitting machine can improve the working performance of the machine, make the machine more stable in high-speed operation, convenient operation, strong durability, and reduce the labor intensity. This question was answered by Dongguan City's Lihei Machinery Company.