ultrasonic booster

ultrasonic booster


20 KHz aluminum ultrasonic booster fits nearly all Branson and Dukane ultrasonic welders and many others.

These 20KHz aluminum boosters are precision made from certified materials and tuned to tight frequency tolerances for trouble free operation. These boosters are recommended for contiuous-duty applications for their heat-dissipating prperties. They are not recommended for applications where frequent assembly and disassembly of stack components will occur.

They are constructed with a 3.25" diameter by 0.75" thick mounting ring set that is made to be disassembled for o-ring replacement.

Input stud is 1/2-20, output thread is 1/2-20.

Fits all Branson 5170, 501, 8800, 851, 900 series and 2000 series standard actuators, assembly stands, and IW systems, Dukane 43x2xx presses and thrusters, Sonics and Materials E, F, and G systems, and many Ultra Sonic Seal systems. Check mounting ring and stud sizes to be sure. are available if required.

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All kinds of booster suitable for all kinds of frequency: