ultrasonic horn and mould

ultrasonic horn and mould


1.ultrasonic horn
3.Horn can be made according to the weld-pieces

ultrasonic horn in moulds


Different kinds horn offered ,welcome contact us !!! 

 15khz, 20khz,28khz,35khz,40khz ~~~~~

Ultrasonic horn is an important element of the ultrasonic excitation system. The role of horn is the transfer of ultrasonic vibration energy from ultrasonic transducer to the tool cutting edge interacting with the workpiece.

In the ultrasonic machining systems, the electromechanical transducer acts as the source of mechanical oscillations, transforming the electrical power received from the generator into mechanical vibrations The electromechanical transducers are based on the principle utilizing magnetostriction or piezoelectric effects. The electromechanical ultrasonic transducers generate the vibration with resonant frequency about 20kHz and more. However, the amplitude of the resulting ultrasonic vibrations is inadequate for realization of the cutting process To overcome this problem, a waveguide focusing device knows as a horn ( also knows as concentrator or tool harder) is fitted onto the end of the transducer The horn transfers the longitudinal ultrasonic waves from the transducer end to the toe end with attached the cutting tool.


Main Features:
1. High mechanical quality and excellent electro-acoustic conversion efficiency, providing a high output amplitude.

2. Piezoelectric element offer a high speed of vibration. Through bolt-on mounting, mechanical intensity and amplitude have been improved.

3. Having steady output amplitude even the load markedly changed.
4. Extended using temperature, ensuring good amplitude linearity. Lower resonant impedance , ensuring high conversion efficiency.

5. Bolt-on mounting gives the fast, easy installation and high reliability.



Ultrasonic Horns
Applications ultrasonic welding rubber welding
plastic welding
metal & fabric welding
ultrasonic cutting food processing
plastic & rubber cutting
fabric & metal cutting
Frequencies 15KHZ 30KHZ
Materials Aluminum Steel
Titanium Staninless Steel
Hardened Powdered Steel Hardened Tool Steel
Designs Half Wave Full Wave
one and one Half Wave Assembled Horns
Styles Round Horns
Assembled Horns
Rectangular & Square Horns