ultrasonic prestress relief treatment machine

ultrasonic prestress relief treatment machine

Ultrasonic impact equipment Residual stress Modification.Ultrasonic Peening

One of the new and promising processes for effective redistribution of RS is Ultrasonic peening , During the different stages of its development the UP process was also known as ultrasonic impact treatment and ultrasonic impact peening . The beneficial effect of UP is achieved mainly by relieving of harmful tensile RS and introducing of compressive RS into surface layers of metals and alloys ,decreasing of stress concentration in weld toe zones and enhancement of mechanical properties of the surface layers of the material. The fatigue testing of welded specimens showed that the UP is the most efficient improvement treatment as compared with traditional techniques such as grinding .TIG-dressing .heat treatment ,hammer peening , shot peening etc

ultrasonic prestressing force treatment system

The UIT harnesses and introduces the energy of ultrasound into metallurgy through surface impulse contact. This energy is introduced into the metal by converting the resonant / harmonic oscillations of an acoustically tuned body to mechanical impulses on a surface. This process changes the stress profile and geometric discontinuity at the weld toe.

The effects of UIT(ultrasonic impact treatment machine)

• Plastic deformation of the surface, introduction of compressive stress up to 2.5 mm in depth and relaxation of residual tensile stresses up to 15 mm in depth.
• Formation of a white layer up to 50 microns in depth with exceptional corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and lubricity.
• Improved surface finish and elimination of surface defects in the treated area.
• Fatigue life of the treated components reaches, in some cases exceeds that of the base material.

The technical benefits:
• Relaxation of residual tensile stresses
• Enhanced fatigue life
• Material saving
• Reducing distortion caused by welding
• Increase in useful service life
• Enhanced resistance to corrosion
• Resistance to SCC
• Rejuvenation of material properties
• Elimination of weld deformation
• Environmentally friendly



Process simple, the effect is stable and reliable, actuators and lightweight, convenient operation and energy saving no pollution, is not restricted by the shape, structure, weight.
Applicable materials:
Aluminum alloy, low carbon steel high strength steel, etc.,

Main technical parameters:
power Box dimensions: 195 * 270 * 430mm
Power Box Weight: 8kg
Power supply: 220V, 50Hz, 5A.
Operating frequency: 20kHz
Maximum Power: 500W; 10% - 100% adjustable.
The impact of gun dimensions: length 450mm
Shock gun Weight: 4kg
Impact body shape: the impact of the needle or impact rod

Technical parameters:
Voltage 220 v (AC)
The output power 500 w
The output frequency of 20 KHZ

Furthermore, it provides the following benefits:
• Easy to use
• User friendly and safe
• Portable applications
• Automated applications
• Integrated QA data recording
• Low maintenance and power consumption


General Applications
It has applications across a vast range of industries to improve the fatigue properties of these manufactured components. The application applies wherever metal fatigue is the cause of premature failure of the structure. These applications apply in areas such as:
• Welded structures
• Bridge maintenance and repair
• Cladding and surface preparation and hardening
• Fabricated components
• Metal components and structures that are susceptible to large cyclical loading
• Automotive components
• Aerospace fabrication
• Shipbuilding and repair
• Rail Manufacture and repair
• Die life improvement
• Die Repair and fabrication
• Cast and machined components
• Heavy machine fabrication
• Earth moving equipment fabrication and repair
• Surface hardening and wear resistance