Ultrasonic Rubber Cutter

Ultrasonic Rubber Cutter

Explain of the product:

The ultrasonic generator produce the mechanical energy of vibration more than 20000 times-400000 times per second to the cutting blade, it cut the rubber material by local strong vibration, the friction on the rubber surface is very small the rubber can apart by the titanium blade very quickly after cutting to achieve the aim of cutting rubber materials. So the ultrasonic cutting does not require very sharp blade, also don't need a lot of pressure, there is no side damage and breakage at all. At the same time, due to the ultrasonic vibration, friction is small, it is not easy to stick on the blade. The material such like the viscous and elastic material, frozen food, such as food, rubber, etc, or inconvenient to add pressure on the cutting object, it will have particularly effect.

The range of application of cutting: 

1. Food cutting
2. Cake cutting
3. Rubber
4. Cheese bread flour cutting
5. Cookie cut
6. Jelly nougat cutting
7. Candy
8. Pizza cheese butter cutting
9. Frozen meat cake,aquatic plant fiber, nut cutting
10. All kinds of soft material cutting

Ultrasonic rubber cutting advantage and features:
1.The cutting incision is smooth, reliable, accurate trimming,
2.It is no deformation, no warped edge,.
3.No deformation after cutting;cutting surface is very smooth.
4.The working is stable and cutting speed is fast, non-stick knife, etc
5. Easy to operate, no need professional person, save time and labor force
6.Workers will be not tired after long operate
7.Can be install onto the PLC robotic arm

Main configuration:
1*pcs oscillator(transducer,booster,cutting blade),
1*pcs Aluminum alloy for handheld holding,
1*pcs generator (drive power supply)

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