ultrasonic metal powder atomizing maker

ultrasonic metal powder atomizing maker

Ultrasonic atomizer explain:

Ultrasonic atomization metal powder is the basic principle of using ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic power supply) convert ordinary alternating current into high frequency electromagnetic oscillation, and then through the transducer, it is converted to high-frequency mechanical vibration, then through expanded the amplitude, the amplitude to MOULD(horn). When the horn of metal liquid contact, spread out into a layer of liquid film under ultrasonic vibration, when horn face reaches a certain amplitude of the vibration of thin liquid layer was broken, the spray flying out from work surface formation.

Metal powder equipment main part function:
1. The ultrasonic vibration source (drive power supply) : convert the mains of 50-60 hz for high power, high frequency power supply (15 KHZ to 100 KHZ), provided to the transducer.
2. The transducer: the high frequency electrical energy into mechanical vibration energy.
(3) : the amplitude coupling and fixed transducer and pulverizing disc, the amplitude of the transducer will magnify then crosses to the pulverizing disc.
4. The pulverizing disc: use of ultrasonic energy, the pulverizing disc vibration on the liquid metal, and into a mist fly out of the disc.
5. The fixed flange: pulverizing device is fixed on a fixed point.
6. Bolts connection: connect more closely interconnected.

Main configuration:
1*pcs spray head with transducer booster water cooling parts.
1*pcs generator (drive power supply)





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