ultrasonic soldering iron

ultrasonic soldering iron

------Product:Ultrasonic electric soldering iron

ultrasonic electric soldering iron for anti-reflection coated glass and titanium
high precision application
Thanks a lot for your smart choice of our ultrasonic generator. We apply ourselves to provide the best product and service to customer.
For making our products to exert the most function, please read the operating instructions carefully at first.

------Main description
ultrasonic oscillation frequency: 55+/-1KHz
ultrasonic oscillation output: 30W
Control of temperature of chip: temperature meter, automatic working after setting
Heater: 400 degrees C in temperature of efficient heater
Oscillator cooling method: Natural air cooling method
Power supply: AC220V 50/60Hz 60W
Material of working nozzle: alloy steel
Power adjust:power switch adjust from 50%-100%
Weight: Oscillator and power supply part: 5kg
Total unit weight:7kg

------Simple working step of the machine
1.connecting the ultrasonic oscillator to the generator
2.connecting the AC power
3. setting the temperature to 380 degree on the temperature meter
4. turn on the ultrasonic test button
5.waiting for some seconds until the heater reach to the setting value
6.start to high precision working as your like

New products instead on traditional soldering iron
using in high-precision and high requirments welding such as PCB board,special electric industry.
It has the advantages as below:
1.To avoid false welding
2.Solder joint is uniform
3.Can make a perfect fusion of the welding and the main board, improve the stability
4.Good quality and high reliability
5.Inside weld won't produce bubbles, no oxidation
6.one-time success rate is high
7.220V/110V Optional
8.anti-corrosion plastic handle
9.anti-high temperature stainless steel tube
10.Lead-free soldering tip

------ Our advantage:
1.We are the manufacture of ultrasonic equipment including this electric soldering iron.
You can buy what you need here at very reasonable price compare with Japan,Germany,Korea similar products

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