ultrasonic MI cable stripper

ultrasonic MI cable stripper

Ultrasonic MI cable stripper explain:

The type DW-BX20-1000 is uses powerful pulses of Ultrasonic energy to strip the sheath from mineral insulated cable.
The ultrasonic energy transfers to the insulation on contact and de-compacts and liquefies the powder, which escapes from the end of the cable.
The result is that all the powder in the stripped section is cleanly removed leaving the conductors completely untouched.
The whole action is completed in seconds (in the case of small cables in a fraction of a second).
All cable sizes can be accommodated from 2mm (0.04”) to 30.0mm.

Product features:

Longitudinal Design very simple to set-up and operate
Ability to work every kind of MI cable from Ø 2mm to Ø 30 mm
Comfortable work position designed to assure maximum efficiency
Equipment in conformity with ISO safety rules
Great reliability with large use of stainless steel and titanium
Advanced electronic Rack with high quality components
Very fast stripping process suitable for every number of pieces
Continuous use with automatic ultrasounds standby
Safety foot-switch or hand-switch operated

Application Areas and Industry:
Fireproof cable and mineral insulated cable manufacturers
Fireproof cable and mineral insulated cable construction company and processing factories, such as high temperature and Thermal Meter supplier etc.

Main Index:

Product Description

Main Index:

Product Description

Ultrasonic stripper explain:

Ultrasonic mineral insulated (MI) cables jacket end stripper machine is composed of ultrasonic transducer (converter) with cover, booster, horn (sonotrode, probe) , generator and so on.

The ultrasonic generator can convert the commercial electricity into AC current with high

frequency and high voltages. After that, this current is transmitted to the transducer

assembled in the stripper part. The transducer will transform the electric energy into

mechanical energy, that’s ultrasonic waves. It signs a sudden movement in vertical.

And the transducer drives the working terminals impacting on shell of the cable.

Finally the outer shell will be crushed or the isolated mineral powder be shaken outside,

the MI cable is end stripped. Its moving part can be of electromotion or be pneumatic.

• Ultrasonic MI cables jacket end stripper can work on all cables and optical cables

with mineral isolated shells.

* Fire retardant cable or mineral insulated cable manufacturers

* Fireproof cable or mineral insulated cable construction unit or the use of units

* Optical cable production units

* Optical cable construction unit or the use of units

* Thermocouple manufacturers
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