ultrasonic sprayer atomizier

ultrasonic sprayer atomizier

Ultrasonic atomizer explain:

Ultrasonic spray (spray) is the use of ultrasonic energy liquid water or break up, forming a few microns to 100 microns of the size of small particles, used for liquid air humidification, granulating, mixing, promote chemical reaction, spraying, powder metal spraying system, etc.
High-power ultrasonic atomizing humidifying technology is the power source of high-power ultrasonic longitudinal transducer, combined with ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic transformers(booster), launch(spray head), special driving power supply. Head for high frequency vibration transducer drive launch of applying ultrasonic wave force, water or other liquid dispersion of liquid will flow into fine particles, spray into the air, so as to achieve the aim of the spray (spray).
Unlike conventional spray nozzles that rely on high velocity pressure to shear a fluid into small drops, the ultrasonic atomizer uses vibrational energy to generate a low velocity mist. Volumes can vary from microliters to liters, and atomizes continuously or intermittently.

• From microliters to liters – continuous or intermittent
• Dispenses material with virtually no overspray
• Pressureless atomization – low velocity mist
• Low cost atomizing probe replacement
• Minimal atmospheric contamination
• Virtually uncloggable
• Coating non-woven fabric, paper, etc.
• Laboratory spray drying
• Injecting moisture into a gas stream
• Applying minute amount of oil, fragrance or
• flavor onto a product
• Injecting small volume of reagents into a reactor

MicroMist Ultrasonic Nozzle Benefits:
• Liquids are delivered through an external tube to the nozzle’s atomizing surface
• A low-pressure air stream through the nozzle’s central orifice entrains the spray and produces very tight, precise spray pattern
• Spray widths as low as 0.015″ (0.4 mm) are possible
• Soft, low-velocity atomized spray can be targeted with unmatched precision
• Minimal overspray (minimal waste)
• Ultra-low flow rates over a wide range (from 0.3 – 20 ml/S)
Ultrasonic atomizer characteristics:
Can work continuously 24 hours a day
The efficiency of the atomizer is high, single transducer's atomization amount is big. One unit of atomizer quantity can be more than 50L/h,
no any special requirements for the liquid type. Even the liquid which contain impurities or wastewater also can be atomized.
no pressure, no noise, no moving parts, no abrasion and blockage problem. Low energy consume, small size
it can working under high temperature up to 500℃,so that can using in metal powder
Can be any combination, to meet any requirements of the spray quantity,suitable for industry using
Using the high performance of titanium alloy and stainless steel manufacturing

Main configuration:
1*pcs spray head with Aluminum alloy housing
1*pcs generator (drive power supply)

This product can be customized according to the customers' actual situation and requirements, range:
Electric power: 30-500 watts
The transducer,tool head frequency: 15 KHZ - 55 KHZ
The input voltage: 110 v to 240 v;50 hz - 60 hz
Power adjust method: continuous or step type, the adjusting range is 60% 100%, can be installed power switch
Out Shell: aluminum alloy shell, it also can install the cooling fan and cooling holes on the out shell of high power machine
Launch(spray head): according to the need of deal with all kinds of liquid, corrosive conditions ,the spray head can be divided into:trumpet shape type, straight tubular type,
Material of spray head :stainless steel ;out shell: aluminum alloy,
Cable length: 2M or customized
Foot switch: available,
PLC control: available
Atomizing medium: ordinary water, all kinds of liquid substances, chemical liquid, all kinds of oil mucus, molten metal or impurity content is not more than 3% of the water
The diameter of the spray particles: 25um-100μm

Applicable industry: dedusting, textile, printing and dyeing, tobacco, flowers, telecommunications, paper, electronics, mushroom cultivation, fruit storage, atomized humidifying, chemical mixture, production, spray drying granulation, coating, fabric coating, metal powder and other industries.

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