Ultrasonic Teabag Packing And Welding

Ultrasonic Teabag Packing And Welding

1.there is 2 kind of power;one is use 4 pcs ceramic chips of 500w;another one is 2 ceramic chips of 300w

for install onto the automatic tea bag machine as below:

tea bag packing machine 2011628133658141 three angle tea-bag ultrasonic packing machine


we also provide these whole machine if customer need.


Ultrasonic generator:


Ultrasonic welding horn for tea bag

welding-head-1 welding-head-2

nylon-tea-bag-packing-ultrasonic-welder tea-bag-nylong-packer-with-tag-for-ultrasonic-welder-2 tea-bag-nylong-packer-with-tag-for-ultrasonic-welder-8