ultrasonic tube sealing welder

ultrasonic tube sealing welder

manual/ultrasonic plastic tube sealing machine

The machine was used for sealing and printing date on plastic and laminated tube,with unique design
concept.Power comes from ultrasonic,safe and efficient .The whole sealing process goes smoothly
and print beautifully.It's the ideal equipments for chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.
The machine is widely used in toothpaste,cosmetics package

Technical parameter♦

Environmental temperature 0°C +35°C
Environment humidity relative humidity below 85%
Working Height 0-300mm(Can be Customized)
Air pressure 0.2----0.6 MPa
Maximum output power 1250W
Tube height 50~180mm ( Can be Customized )
Tube diameter F5~F50 mm ( Can be Customized )
Working table vertical/horizontal adjustable worktable
Ultrasonic working frequency 20kHZ
Weight 100kg

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ultrasonic tube sealing machine is suitable for plastic and composite tube among toothpaste,
Cosmetics, Medicines, Food, and other industrial.
Aluminum alloy structure, stainless steel body, Independent man-machine operating platform.

1.two dimensional adjustment of work piece platform, it is easy to operate.
2.It adopts Taiwan cassette mechanism and circuit Lines, using famous brand of Ultrasonic parts.
Overload protection, phase separation protection, power-fail protection.
3. Large Ultrasonic Out put power to ensure the sealing quality of various specifications of tube.
4.It can sealing soft tube also can printing date and cutting.