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What are the easily lost parts of ultrasonic mask spot welding machine


At present, mask manufacturers basically work in two shifts, and each employee works every day and night every half a month. The ultrasonic mask spot welding machine used to weld the ear band of the mask is basically running on the axis for 24 hours. Generally, the ultrasonic wave of the manual single point mask spot welder is not so easy to be damaged. What are the easily damaged parts?

1. The foot pedal used in the ultrasonic mask spot welding machine is basically man-made. It is very easy to wear and tear if you step on it 24 hours a day. Therefore, we usually have about three feet for each spot welder.

2. The air pressure regulating valve used in the ultrasonic mask spot welding machine is used to connect the air compressor. Generally, the air pressure is adjusted to about 4kg, which is the precondition for the commissioning and operation of the mask spot welding machine. Because this has been connected with the air compressor, the air pressure control valve will generally be equipped with two more.

3. The manual solenoid valve used for ultrasonic mask spot welding machine is used to adjust the stroke of the cylinder. The debugging is basically operated by ordinary staff. We are worried that improper operation may lead to damage, so we will provide two more.


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