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Common faults and solutions of ultrasonic spot welding machine[ 2020-09-18 ]
1. For the ultrasonic plastic welding machine with faults, it is not necessary to rush into operation, but to inquire about the process and phenomenon of the fault; 2. Firstly, check whether the ultrasonic equipment repaired has obvious maintenance history, the condition of ultrasonic welding, the temperature and service life of ultrasonic mold,
What is ultrasonic welding machine and where is it used?[ 2020-09-15 ]
According to the level of automation, ultrasonic welding machine can be divided into automatic welding machine, semi-automatic ultrasonic welding machine and manual welding machine. For modern enterprises, the higher the automation level is, the more conducive to the production line of the enterprise. Therefore, the use of automatic welding machin
What are the advantages of ultrasonic welding compared with ordinary welding?[ 2020-09-15 ]
The connection between metals and the fusion of plastics and plastics. In order to make the connection more firm, the welding method will be selected. The welding used in the past is relatively simple, but this kind of simple welding can only weld some common metals, and the firmness is relatively poor. Now ultrasonic welding is more and more wide
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