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Maintenance of mask ultrasonic spot welding machine[ 2020-09-18 ]
1. Keep the spot welding machine and its worktable clean 2. Keep the spot welding head clean. Do not mix other hard objects, especially iron nails, into the mesh, so as not to damage the machine or affect the welding effect. 3. The long-term welding of aluminum will lead to the adsorption of upper and lower welding joints. According to the weldi
What are the easily lost parts of ultrasonic mask spot welding machine[ 2020-09-18 ]
At present, mask manufacturers basically work in two shifts, and each employee works every day and night every half a month. The ultrasonic mask spot welding machine used to weld the ear band of the mask is basically running on the axis for 24 hours. Generally, the ultrasonic wave of the manual single point mask spot welder is not so easy to be da
Composition and purchase precautions of ultrasonic welding machine[ 2020-09-18 ]
With the market demand for masks, the heat of ultrasonic welding system is still increasing. The system can be used in the welding of mask nose bar, welding after folding, breathing valve welding, multi-layer rolling welding and ear band welding. Ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic welding machine, ultrasonic welding machine and welding equipment.
What secrets do you don't know about mask production[ 2020-09-18 ]
When it comes to masks that are used every day, everyone is familiar with them. But do you know what machines are needed to produce masks? Everyone should see a complete automatic production line. But what kind of machines do those manufacturers use? One of the machines that manufacturers often use to produce their masks is the ultrasonic welding
Causes and solutions of unsound welding of ultrasonic mask spot welding machine[ 2020-09-18 ]
1. The machine uses a voltage of 220 v. before power on, the collective grounding should be made, and the grounding resistance should not be greater than 4 ohm. 2. When the voltage fluctuation is large, the machine should be installed with AC transformer, which can reduce the loss of the machine and ensure the safe and stable operation of the mac
Application of ultrasonic spot welding machine in automobile manufacturing industry[ 2020-09-18 ]
Ultrasonic spot welding machine is also known as handheld ultrasonic spot welding machine. Pistol type ultrasonic welding is usually used for riveting plastic products. It is widely used in automobile manufacturing industry, especially in the manufacturing and processing of internal and external plastic parts. Hand held ultrasonic spot welding m
Seven advantages of ultrasonic metal welding machine[ 2020-09-18 ]
Ultrasonic metal welding technology is widely used in automobile, refrigeration, solar energy, battery, electronics and other fields. The application products include: multi-layer positive and negative electrode welding of power battery, nickel mesh and nickel plate welding of metal hydride nickel battery, copper foil and nickel welding of lithi
What is ultrasonic welding machine[ 2020-09-18 ]
Ultrasound we know that when an object vibrates, it makes a sound. Scientists call the number of vibrations per second the frequency of sound, in Hertz. The frequency of sound waves that we can hear in human ears is 20-20000 Hz. When the frequency of sound waves is greater than 20000 Hz or less than 20 Hz, we can't hear them. Therefore, we cal
Common faults and solutions of ultrasonic spot welding machine[ 2020-09-18 ]
1. For the ultrasonic plastic welding machine with faults, it is not necessary to rush into operation, but to inquire about the process and phenomenon of the fault; 2. Firstly, check whether the ultrasonic equipment repaired has obvious maintenance history, the condition of ultrasonic welding, the temperature and service life of ultrasonic mold,
Advantages of ultrasonic welding machine[ 2020-09-18 ]
There are many types of ultrasonic welding machine, according to the level of automation can be divided into automatic welding machine, semi-automatic ultrasonic welding machine, manual welding machine. Ultrasonic welding machine, then, for modern enterprises, the higher the level of automation, the more conducive to the production line, so the us
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