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Common faults and solutions of ultrasonic spot welding machine


1. For the ultrasonic plastic welding machine with faults, it is not necessary to rush into operation, but to inquire about the process and phenomenon of the fault;

2. Firstly, check whether the ultrasonic equipment repaired has obvious maintenance history, the condition of ultrasonic welding, the temperature and service life of ultrasonic mold, and then check the inside of the machine;

3. Before dismantling, the surrounding fault factors should be eliminated, and only after the internal fault is determined can the disassembly be carried out. Otherwise, the ultrasonic spot welding machine can be disassembled blindly, which may cause the equipment to be damaged as it is repaired;

4. Power on test, listen to its sound, touch, measure parameters, judge fault, and carry out maintenance;

5. Clean and then repair the ultrasonic welding machine. For the heavily polluted electrical equipment, clean its buttons, wiring points and contact points, and check whether the external control key fails;

6. Many faults are caused by dirt and conductive dust. Once cleaned, the faults will be eliminated.


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