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Seven advantages of ultrasonic metal welding machine


Ultrasonic metal welding technology is widely used in automobile, refrigeration, solar energy, battery, electronics and other fields.

The application products include: multi-layer positive and negative electrode welding of power battery, nickel mesh and nickel plate welding of metal hydride nickel battery, copper foil and nickel welding of lithium-ion battery and polymer battery, aluminum foil, automobile wiring harness, wire head forming, welding wire, multi wire welding form, copper and aluminum wire conversion, cable and play electronic components, connector, terminal welding, v-plate solar cell, solar heat absorbing plate, Seam welding of aluminum plastic composite pipe, splicing of copper and aluminum plate, welding of electromagnetic switch, fuse, switch and dissimilar metal, copper pipe and sealing in refrigerator, air conditioner and other industries, vacuum equipment, water and air tight sealing and cutting of copper and aluminum pipe.

With the application of ultrasonic metal welding technology, people's quality of life has been greatly improved

1. Reliability, 2, cost saving, 3, long die life, 4, low temperature, low energy consumption, 5, dissimilar metal welding, 6, high efficiency and naturalization, 7, convenient welding processing.


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