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What are the advantages of ultrasonic welding compared with ordinary welding?


The connection between metals and the fusion of plastics and plastics. In order to make the connection more firm, the welding method will be selected. The welding used in the past is relatively simple, but this kind of simple welding can only weld some common metals, and the firmness is relatively poor. Now ultrasonic welding is more and more widely used, the welding effect is far more than the ordinary welding, and there are many advantages.

Advantage 1, in plastic welding, ultrasonic welding speed is very fast, strength is also high, sealing is relatively good, has replaced the traditional welding, bonding and other processes, the cost is relatively low, belongs to clean and pollution-free, will not damage the workpiece, the whole welding process is very stable, in the welding operation, welding parameters can be tracked and monitored through the software system, in case of failure, can Remove and repair immediately.

Advantage 2: ultrasonic welding metal does not melt and will not be vulnerable to metal characteristics. When welding, the conductivity is also very good, and the resistance system is relatively low, which is close to 0. Metal surface requirements are not high, whether oxidation, or electroplating can be welded. Welding time is also relatively short, no flux is needed, no spark welding, which is a safe and environmental protection welding method.

Ultrasonic welding has gradually replaced ordinary metal welding, plastic welding, through its advantages, we can see that this kind of welding will be reflected in different industries in the future. Because the operation is more convenient and simple, it can be tracked and monitored through the software system, and the problems can be handled automatically in time. In addition, there are more suitable welding products, such as wires and various electronic components, battery switches, metal tubes, heat exchange fins and other products, which are suitable for this kind of welding.


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