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Maintenance of mask ultrasonic spot welding machine


1. Keep the spot welding machine and its worktable clean

2. Keep the spot welding head clean. Do not mix other hard objects, especially iron nails, into the mesh, so as not to damage the machine or affect the welding effect.

3. The long-term welding of aluminum will lead to the adsorption of upper and lower welding joints. According to the welding surface, regularly brush with copper wire brush according to the direction of the welding joint surface, so as to clean the adsorbent in the texture, and prevent the bonding between the welding surface and the workpiece in the welding process

4. The service life (UN annealed state) of the reticulated surface of machine welded joints is usually 100000 times. When the service life or texture wear is reached, it can be repaired by machine maintenance before use.


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