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Causes and solutions of unsound welding of ultrasonic mask spot welding machine


1. The machine uses a voltage of 220 v. before power on, the collective grounding should be made, and the grounding resistance should not be greater than 4 ohm.

2. When the voltage fluctuation is large, the machine should be installed with AC transformer, which can reduce the loss of the machine and ensure the safe and stable operation of the machine.

3. Like other ultrasonic equipment, sound wave detection should be carried out before the machine works. At the same time, don't forget to replace the welding mold, which is very important and can not be ignored;

4. Before spot welding, it is necessary to adjust the cylinder stroke and welding time, use the thin layer of mask or A4 paper under the welding head for debugging, adjust the cylinder stroke to just be able to drag the paper or mask, and adjust the welding time to 1-1.5.

5. When ultrasonic welding plastic products, the pressure value should be less than 0.8MPa when external pressure is applied. Otherwise, the air pipe may burst or the machine will be burnt out, and the machine will not work normally.


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