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Advantages of ultrasonic welding machine


There are many types of ultrasonic welding machine, according to the level of automation can be divided into automatic welding machine, semi-automatic ultrasonic welding machine, manual welding machine. Ultrasonic welding machine, then, for modern enterprises, the higher the level of automation, the more conducive to the production line, so the use of automatic welding machine is a trend in the future. Ultrasonic welding machine Compared with the traditional welding technology, ultrasonic welding machine has the following advantages: 1. Fast welding speed, high welding precision, high welding spot strength; 2. Wide welding range, good stability, and small deformation of the workpiece after welding; 3. The surface of the welding object is clean and beautiful, flat and smooth; 4. It does not need to add welding flux, which does not pollute the processed products and does not produce harmful gases 5, only need to provide a small power welding, low energy consumption; 6, simple operation, low cost, high efficiency, good sealing.

1、 Pneumatic transmission part: this part includes through the hutch, pressure reducing valve, oil mist device, commutator, throttle valve, cylinder, etc. At first, the air compressor drives the stroke cylinder to drive the hot plate mold system to move up and down. At the same time, during the welding process, the air pressure is not a fixed value, which should be adjusted according to the actual situation.

2、 Control part: this part is composed of PLC and temperature controller. 1. The pneumatic transmission system is controlled to open the gas path valve under the timing control during welding. The cylinder pressurizes to make the welding head drop down, and the welded object is pressed with a certain pressure. After welding, the pressure is maintained for a period of time, and then the control system reverses the gas path valve to make the welding joint recover and reset. 2. By controlling the working time of heating plastic parts on the hot plate, the whole welding process can be automatically realized by this system. Only a trigger pulse is generated when the button is activated during operation. The sequence of the whole control system is as follows: the power supply starts to trigger the control signal pneumatic transmission system, the air cylinder is pressurized, the upper and lower clamping dies are lowered and pressed on the upper and lower hot plate dies to work, and maintain a certain welding time, continue to maintain a certain pressure time to depress, and the upper and lower clamping die back up welding is completed. According to the research, the strength of the joint increases with the increase of welding time at a decreasing rate, and from a certain moment, its value remains unchanged. We did not find that for the stability of time, in a certain time at the beginning of welding, no new joint will be formed. Ultrasonic vibration destroys the film on the surface and removes some of them. The contact surface between the two weldments becomes bright. Besides the cleaned surface, in many cases, the oxide film squeezed out in the form of spatter can be found. This phenomenon is especially obvious when there is no pre cleaned copper and titanium on the weldment surface. In addition to the effect on the surface film, at the beginning of the ultrasonic welding process, the temperature rises rapidly, which is another feature. When the surface contact is tight and there is no surface film on the friction surface, the bonding between the matrix metal molecules will occur.


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