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Application of ultrasonic spot welding machine in automobile manufacturing industry


Ultrasonic spot welding machine is also known as handheld ultrasonic spot welding machine. Pistol type ultrasonic welding is usually used for riveting plastic products. It is widely used in automobile manufacturing industry, especially in the manufacturing and processing of internal and external plastic parts.

Hand held ultrasonic spot welding machine has no fixed device. It is simply composed of transducer and welding head, which is connected with ultrasonic generator through power line. Welding is done by hand. The fuselage is small in size, light in weight, easy to carry and flexible in operation.

Generally, its power is much smaller than that of standard plastic welding machine, only 600W and 800W, but its frequency is relatively large, 28kHz, 35kHz. According to the different products, different welding heads can be designed to achieve the effect of plastic hot riveting.

LCD digital display, real-time feedback frequency, welding time and other parameters.

Ultrasonic spot welding machine can achieve the effect of traditional hot-melt riveting, and its advantages are obvious. The welding time is extremely fast, there is no high temperature, no spark, no smoke and irritating smell. At the same time, the damage to the welding products is minimal.

Ultrasonic spot welding machine is not only limited to manual operation, it can be combined with mechanical arm, or customized for ultrasonic non-standard equipment, can weld up to 20 riveting points at the same time, which is a qualitative improvement in production efficiency, and there will be no mistakes in manual operation.


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